Chasing Enigma by John Kurrle

Chasing Enigma

The assassination of a congresswoman on the streets of Washington, DC brings FBI agent Ray Nicholson to the scene. Quickly, more inexplicable assassinations pop up all across the country. Baffled by the killer’s victims, bedeviled by his motives, foiled at every turn by his cunning and meticulous planning, Ray doggedly tracks the mysterious assassin.

Making matters worse, Ray finds himself a pawn in an interagency game of chess. All the while, his boss’s words ring in his ears, Remember, a pawn that becomes inconvenient gets sacrificed.

As political pressure builds and bodies continue to aggressively stack up, Ray scrambles to solve the mystery and catch the enigmatic killer before he strikes again.

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John Kurrle

John Kurrle

John Kurrle is the author of Chasing Enigma, a gripping story about FBI agents in pursuit of a deadly assassin. Born and raised in southeast Iowa, John carries his hometown roots and sensibilities with him wherever he goes. Having lived and traveled all over the United States, plus a six month stay in Germany, he brings local color to his writing.

John has enjoyed a varied life. He received his BBA from Iowa State University in 1989. His work has included factory work, warehouse work, serving in Desert Storm, telecommunications engineer, web applications developer, and systems architect. Now he is drawing upon his rich life experiences and skills to write the most interesting stories he can.


At this time, I have not scheduled any appearances. Once Chasing Enigma is out, I’ll be out visiting my loyal readers.

If you’d like me to visit your area, please contact me and let me know! Once I have my touring schedule worked out, I’ll be sure to let all my followers know when I’ll be in their area.

Don’t be afraid to approach your local book stores and see if they’ll extend me an invitation to meet with my readers. Also check with your local libraries as well.


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